About me

My photographic style can be described as documentary and editorial. I will spend some time getting to know you before your wedding or portrait session. As I photograph you, I will talk you through some basic posing actions to create genuine candid moments and I will suggest minor adjustments that will make huge differences in the overall quality of the images.

While photographing, I am aware of your surroundings and I “shoot” in an editorial fashion, meaning that I photograph images with purpose and intent. I do my best to make sure there are minimal distractions in the backgrounds of my images and I am mindful of the positioning of your body because I want you to look and feel your very best in the final image.

Whether you are a wedding or portrait client, your relationship with your photographer will impact the way your final images turn out because if you look or feel uncomfortable in anyway, it will be written all over your face so it is really important to find someone who you believe is a good match for you and your personality before you hire them. My clients genuinely TRUST in me and my opinion and I love them for giving me that honor.

Give yourself the gift of this boutique photographic experience, I promise that it will be worth it!


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