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Maternity & Newborn

Here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Does the photographer’s portfolio showcase
    quality images?
  • Do the photographs look natural and timeless?
  • Does all the photographer’s work have a consistent style?
  • Is your photographer properly vaccinated?
  • Is your photographer versed on newborn safety and safely posing baby?


1-1.5 hour studio session*

*minimum product purchase requirement of $300 due at your viewing/ordering session



Studio newborn sessions generally last about two hours, allowing plenty of time for feedings and diaper changes to keep your baby content. I recommend booking the session based on the baby’s feeding schedule. Sessions are scheduled in the morning time for that gorgeously soft, glowing natural light. I love pure, natural and clean images so I prefer not use a lot of props. If baby feeds every 2-3 hours, you will want to come to the studio at feeding time and feed the baby right before the session. You can do so while I am setting up and baby will already be in the warmth of my studio. (I keep the studio at an 80 degree temperature for newborn sessions so please dress accordingly if you plan to stay in the room and watch me work.


My boutique maternity and newborn sessions are a unique and luxurious experience. I strive to create a relaxed and memorable experience for you while capturing a variety of natural portraits to truly capture the beauty of this special time. With an eye for freezing perfect moments and unique perspectives, I create maternity and newborn portraits that are beautiful, intimate, and capture genuine emotion. I will style, pose and apply my expertise with the use of artful lighting and retouching to create the very best portraits. I love getting to know each of my clients and creating one-of-a-kind art that you will treasure forever.


Fine art newborn sessions are taken in my studio located in Lavallette, NJ. Working in my studio provides me with a controlled environment and the perfect lighting and room temperature that are so important to the success of a newborn session. My studio newborn sessions focus on posed newborn portraits, although I am always happy to capture a few family portraits as well. On-location newborn sessions are for clients who desire a variety of lifestyle baby and family portraits that incorporate the nursery and meaningful settings within their home. If your newborn session is not photographed at my studio in Chadwick Beach, NJ there will be a travel fee in addition to the session fee. The travel fee will vary based on your location.


Please schedule your newborn session before your baby is born. I recommend booking your newborn session during your second trimester. Capturing your newborn within the first two weeks of life while they are still sleeping soundly and curling up into those adorable womb-like poses makes all the difference. Newborn photography is best scheduled within 5-10 days old. For babies that are born early and spend time in the hospital, I recommend scheduling the session within the first week of being sent home. I encourage families to book their newborn photography session as early as possible to ensure my availability. When your baby is born, you should contact me as soon as possible to adjust the session date & time. If you’ve already had your little one, I will try my best to accommodate you or at least recommend a fellow photographer that may have availability.


Once your newborn session is booked, we will schedule a pre-session consultation where we will discuss the ideas for the upcoming session: style, colors, props and wardrobe. I will work closely with you on preparation and ideas to ensure that you will have a relaxed newborn session experience.

What to Bring

We ask that you bring: a pacifier, bottle of formula/breastmilk, swaddle, and a few clean diapers. You’ll also set aside a nice outfit for any family photography. We recommend natural colors: creams, neutral tones and colors for soft intimate portraits. It’s best to avoid chunky jewelry and watches, which can be distracting elements in the photos. I have my own: blankets, wraps, dainty headbands and knit hats. However, I understand if you would like to bring along some of your own newborn accessories.


● Please save my contact info in your phone so you can easily access it after the baby is born. Contact me as soon as possible so we can schedule the session appropriately. ● If you are a breastfeeding mom, I will provide you with a list of foods that you should try to avoid 48 hours prior to the newborn session. ● Newborn sessions go the smoothest when baby is sleeping soundly so if it is possible to keep the baby awake and active prior to the session and feed the baby as much as possible prior to the session start time, this will ensure that baby will sleep deeply and as long as possible. ● Dress the baby in loose fitting clothing to avoid clothing lines on the baby’s skin. A zip up sleeper is a great choice. ● If you are having other children photographed with the baby, I suggest having this done at the very beginning and then having someone take them out for the rest of the session to keep them busy. ● Seating is very limited in my shooting space so I recommend only bringing your spouse and other children. You are welcome to watch tv, take a nap on the couch or observe the session from my sitting area.


To book your newborn session, you must pay the session fee upfront and sign a digital contract to hold your session date and time in my calendar. Both newborn and maternity sessions require a minimum product purchase from your viewing session within two weeks of the photo session. Online viewing gallery links will not be released until the minimum product purchase is received.


Your wedding album is your first family heirloom that you’ll pass on to your children and grandchildren and will be in your family’s homes for generations to come. How can you ensure the quality of your product will stand the test of time? Here are some tricks to spotting poor quality albums:

Look at the seam of the page. Is there cracking or discoloration?
Look at the corners and sides of the pages. Are they peeling or bent?
Look at the book closed and view the sides of the pages. Are they wavy or warped?
Look at the printing itself. Is it colorful, vibrant and matching to the quality of the images you saw on the photographer’s website?


I do not charge for travel on the wedding day, within the state of NJ. If you would like your engagement session to be photographed at a location farther than 30 miles for 08735, there will be a travel fee associated to cover my cost of travel since I do offer them complimentary to provide my clients with my personable wedding experience.


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