The Fix Jasmine Star | NYC Engagement & Wedding Photographer

The Fix Jasmine Star | NYC Engagement & Wedding Photographer

I went to see THE Jasmine Star at 320 Studios in NYC on March 9th. I love to read Jasmines blog. She is always giving tips to other photographers and she is a great resource for anyone that is in the wedding photography business. I was first introduced to Jasmine by Jessica Morrisy, a college friend who is also a wedding photographer. When I first started photographing weddings, I worked for Jess and she told me about photographers that inspire her and I started to follow Jasmine’s blogs and study her images to find out what inspired me and what I wanted to photograph. I am so grateful to her for all that she has taught me over the last few years. Turns out, when I was at the event, I saw Jess and we got a picture of ourselves together with Jasmine. 🙂

Jasmine Star’s presentation walked us through some common mistakes that photographers make and gave us some tools on how to become more successful and have the courage to do what we want with our businesses. Meaning, sometimes, you have to say NO and that’s it. If something doesn’t work for you, you have to have the confidence to turn someone down and keep striving for your dream. It was very motivational and inspirational, I love you Jasmine!


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