FAQs – Newborn Sessions


When is the best time for a Newborn Session?

Newborn sessions are best photographed within the first 14 days/2 weeks of baby’s life to ensure baby can fall into a deep food coma, however premature babies have a larger window of time to work with.

What if the baby arrives early or late?

When you book your newborn session, I will simply note your due date and once your baby arrives we will finalize your session date. By booking the session ahead of time, it will ensure you a place in my calendar.

When is the session fee due?

The session fee is due upon booking.

Do you photograph in clients homes?

Newborns sessions are typically performed in my home studio as I can control the temperature, light and styling but I do also offer lifestyle session that can be performed in your home.

How do you get the baby to sleep during the session?

Milk, warmth and white noise play a huge role in helping baby fall into a deep sleep for photos. the studio is kept very warm to keep baby warm and comfortable undressed.

What if my baby won’t sleep?

I typically do not have a problem getting babies to sleep but sometimes baby can be fussy and not want to cooperate. In this case, I simply photograph them awake until they fall asleep.

When will the images be ready?

Approximately 2 weeks after your session you will return to the studio for your viewing appointment during which time you will get to view all of the edited images in a slideshow and in detail to help determine your product choices.

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