How to Get the Most from Your Newborn Session


How to Get the Most from Your Newborn Session

A little bit of planning and preparation will help you get the most from your newborn portrait session. Below are a few tips that will help make your session a success.

A Full, Sleepy Baby For Squishy Poses

Those adorable newborn poses you love are easiest to accomplish when your baby has a full belly, this will make baby sleepy. Keeping your baby active and awake with a bit of extended play time on the morning of your session and planning a good feeding right before your session start time, will help gently lull your baby into a nice deep sleep. During the session, I also keep the studio very warm to make baby comfortable and sleepy so please dress in layers if you plan to stay in the room with baby and I.

Dress Your Baby Loosely

Loose diapers, a loose fitting wrap or a loose, easily removed sleeper are ideal clothing choices. Loose-fitting clothing should eliminate red marks on baby’s skin and is less distracting for baby when pulled off for your session.

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