More Tips for a Successful Newborn Session



More Tips for a Successful Newborn Session

Keep baby awake for a minimum of 90 minutes or more prior to your session start time. Nursing? Avoid spicy foods for 24 hours or more before your session. Schedule shots or immunizations the week (or at least 48 hours) prior to your session date. If you use a pacifier, bring it with you but don’t use it prior to the session. Turn off your phone so you won’t be distracted during the session. Your hands may be visible. Time for that manicure!

Pack Your Bag

Sessions can last up to 3 hours, so a “Newborn Session Kit” is a great idea. Here are some things to include: Your Special Blankets, Wraps or Props Snacks and Drinks, Extra Milk or Formula, Extra Diapers, Baby Wipes, Pacifier

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