What to Expect at Your Newborn Photo Shoot


You’ve scheduled your newborn session, and you can’t wait to get precious photos of the new addition to your family. But this may be your first newborn photo session, and you may not know what to expect. 

Newborn photos are different from other portraits and require a little more thought and care. Below are a few things to consider to better prepare you for your newborn session.

Clean up baby.

I suggest bathing baby the morning of your session. Gently clean off any flakes of skin or eye gunk with a washcloth. Use a baby nail file to smooth and shorten baby’s fingernails and change them into a fresh diaper. Make sure baby looks fresh and clean before the photo session begins.

Be prepared for feeding.

When you arrive for your photo session, be ready to feed your baby. You’ll want them to be full and content, so they can fall asleep more easily and be posed for the photos. Most poses require baby to be fully asleep (aka knocked out) so there are times where it may take 30-45 minutes to get baby to fall that deep into a sleep but once they are out, I can move quickly.

Don’t forget to burp baby well after the feeding. A gassy, fussy baby is uncomfortable and harder to work with than a content one. Bring extra of whatever you feed baby, breastmilk or formula. Some babies eat 3x as much during their photo session than they would normally eat at home so pack plenty.

Anticipate messes.

Babies have no concern for when they pee, poop, or spit up—or who they do it on. I know this first hand! Don’t stress the mess. I expect it, and you should too. Don’t worry about my things. I purposely purchase multiple blankets and wraps in the same colors in case this happens. Make sure to bring plenty of diapers, wipes and extra clothing in your diaper bag.

Be patient.

Photographing newborns is hardly easily, especially when you add other family members, like siblings into the mix. Don’t stress out when things aren’t going as planned. Your newborn will be able to sense your anxiety and frustration and may become stressed as well. If your other children are acting up, gently direct them and encourage them to pay attention. I will do the best I can to play games with them and discuss their favorite characters or songs. (I have a 3.5 & 1 year old so I am pretty in tune with what’s popular on YouTube! lol)

Trust your photographer.

As a professional photographer, I know how to pose your newborn safely and how to get smiles out of every other member of the family. Be open to my ideas and trust in my expertise and ability to get you the images you want. 

About My Studio

Please arrive to your session 20 minutes early to start feeding baby.

You may park in my carport driveway and enter through the access door in the carport. There is a bay beach with a playground down the street, as well as, the beach a few blocks farther away if siblings do come to a session, I suggest having Dad or another adult present to bring the older sibling to the park or beach while I am finishing the session with the baby.

I provide all of the props, wraps, headbands, hats, etc… You do not need to bring anything with you except the necessities needed to keep baby fed and happy.

Below is a checklist of what to bring to newborn session:

• dress baby in loose pajama

• pacifier

• spare diapers

• baby’s blanket

• extra bottles

• any newborn keepsakes or special items you would like to use

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