How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photo Session


Now that you and baby are home, it’s time to confirm your newborn photo session. Maybe you’ve been imagining the newborn photos for months—your precious little one swaddled up in a blanket, fawned over by you and your whole family. Here are some tips for preparing for a successful newborn photo shoot!

Choose baby’s outfit and accessories.

The best wardrobe for a newborn is their birthday suit! You definitely want your photos to capture those precious little arms, legs, belly rolls and that soft baby skin! I provide all of the basics for creating stunning simplistic images featuring your baby. Various color backdrop and wrap colors and textures, headbands, hats and props. The colors and styles chosen for your session are determined by your answers to my newborn session planning questionnaire.

But it’s also a great idea to bring accessories or items that hold special meaning, like a blanket that’s a family heirloom or a toy that belonged to you as a child. These items can add a little personal touch to your photos.

Talk to big brothers and sisters.

Including siblings in your newborn portraits is a wonderful way to document this big change in the life of your family. Explain to your other children the importance of behaving and listening to the photographer during your session. It wouldn’t hurt to have some non-messy snacks on hand as well.

I suggest friending or following me on social media and showing your older children by face multiple times, explaining who I am and what I do so when I do meet them, they have a sense of who I am and what is expected of them while with me. Your session is such a small window of time and children sometimes take some warming up to so games, songs, stickers and candy tend to work for most.

Plan your own look.

While the photos will mostly be of your newborn, you’ll want photos of the two of you as well. Be sure to take time to choose your own outfit. Go for something simple and comfortable. You don’t have to wear makeup, but a little bit can help you feel fresher and at ease in front of the camera. Consider a few basic hair products as well to keep strays in place.

If you would like any hair/makeup recommendations, I am happy to provide you with a list of my favorite stylists. I say, go ahead and pamper yourself. Having services done for you will make you look and feel 110%, I promise!

Maintain a consistent routine.

Be sure not to make any changes to baby’s diet or routine prior to the shoot. This will help rule out gas or other digestive issues the morning of the session. A warm bath the morning of the session is also suggested. Please dress baby in a sleeper that zips or snaps up and does not go over their head. This ensures that we can keep baby undisturbed upon arrival to the studio.

Continue to feed your little one as you normally do, and bring along plenty of bottles for the photo session. You will want to feed baby before you leave your house and top baby off upon arrival if he/she is still alert when you arrive. You’ll want to do your best to keep baby awake before the shoot, so they’ll more easily fall asleep for those cute, snuggly shots we all love.

Relax and trust in me.

You’ve chosen me to be your newborn photographer for my skill and experience. I will know how to safely and sweetly pose your baby and take images that you’ll cherish for years to come. 

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