What Is a Fresh 48 Session?

The moments after you welcome a new child into your family are some of the most amazing and precious. In those first few days, you’re adapting to a new normal and celebrating your new bundle of joy with those closest to you.

That’s what a Fresh 48 photo session is all about—capturing those precious 48 hours after your child enters the world. The first expressions. The first snuggle. The first moments of many.

So, what is a Fresh 48 session?

If you want photos of your child’s first hours taken but you don’t want labor and delivery photos, then a Fresh 48 session is perfect for you. These lifestyle sessions allow you to remember that first day forever, the hours when your life changed and your family grew.

Generally done in a documentary style, a Fresh 48 session captures images of your new baby’s tiny feet and fingers, their sweet yawns, and first feedings. This shoot also gives you a chance to get professional, quality photos of family members and friends meeting your new addition for the first time—images you’ll cherish for years to come.

How does it work?

For a Fresh 48 session, I will come to the place of your child’s birth within the first 48 hours after delivery. Whether that’s a hospital or your home, I will be there and do my best not to disturb you or your newborn.

Unlike a traditional newborn session with props, lights, and backdrops, a Fresh 48 session is stripped down and simple—a natural look into this moment in the lives of you and your family.

Why should I do a Fresh 48 session? Can’t I just wait until my newborn session?

Babies grow and change incredibly fast. You’ll be amazed how different your child looks a week or two later, when you do your newborn portraits. Capturing the very beginning of your child’s life allows you to remember just what they looked like in their first days. While you can’t capture every single first, you’ll definitely be grateful for these first images in the days and years to come.

What does a Fresh 48 session include?

My newborn packages can be viewed here

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